Thursday, March 15, 2012

Preacher's Wife Pot Roast

Hi y’all! So big surprise…this is not Katy! In fact it is her roommate Chris! Katy has graciously asked me to be a guest blogger this week. If you have been avidly reading this blog, you might already know about the Crockpot we have (psst, we used it for this awesome Chili last month). Katy gave this to me as a Christmas present. I was tickled pink when I opened up that package. Since that moment, the Crockpot has become a staple in our meal preparing process. Thanks to Pinterest, we are able to find countless Crockpot recipes.

Side note: you can now make personalized Crock-pots complete with pictures! YESSS!

The first meal we ever had in the Crockpot was none other than POT ROAST. My inner 35 year old has been itching to share this with you all. I love entertaining guests & having dinners with friends. Yes I might be a future church lady (she can't wait to plan VBS and the Flower Guild brunch). I got the original recipe off Pinterest, but thanks to great consumer feedback (Katy and other members of our little crew) I have made some modifications.

Preacher's Wife Pot Roast:
What you need:
·      A crockpot
·      One chuck roast (size depends on how many you are feeding)
·      8-6 red potatoes
Check out those nails!!
·      8 -6 whole sized carrots
o   (or you can use mini carrots – 20)
·      Beef stock 
o   Look for the gluten free kind ------->
·      6 oz. of tomato paste
·      One tablespoon of paprika
·      One tablespoon of brown sugar
·      Pam (or other non-stick spray)

·      Spray a light coat of pam on your crock pot
·      Cut the red potatoes into fourths and put half of those pieces on the bottom of the crock pot
·      Put half of the carrots on the bottom of the crock pot as well
·      Place the chuck roast into the crock pot (we get a 3-4 lb one to feed friends, too!)
·      Add the rest of the veggies to the top layer of the roast
·      Pour the entire 32 oz carton of beef stock into the crock pot
·      Pour in the 6 oz can of tomato paste
·      Add in the paprika, some salt, some pepper, and the brown sugar!
·      Cook for 8-10 hours on low!

As girls on-the-go (yes I just said that), we love this meal. We usually prep it the night before & store it in the fridge! 
The night before
 We just plug it in the next morning.  When we come home from working, interning, being ridiculous, etc our house smells like pot roast.
Dinner time
 Which if you have never had it, that smells amazing wrapped up in tender veggies. This one meal provides us leftovers for days. Since we are budget conscious that rocks. 

Last but not least, A BIG THANK YOU TO KATY! Thanks for letting me have a spot on the blog. I’m so excited to share our comfort food recipe with you.  Even if I just have one reader, I am going to feel like a real blogger.  (In case you were wondering, this meal goes great while watching an emotionally troubled Meredith discover her love for Derek…..and Izzie Stephens being a big cheerleader for love.) 

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