Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Feaster

Well everybody, its April in Atlanta. It’s been terrific so far, and I think that’s a sign of things to come and I'm so excited. The rest of the month will be jam packed with graduations, frisbees, baseballs, festivals, and as much outdoor weekend time as possible. Can’t hardly wait.

It seems like there’s never a dull moment around this time of year, and this past weekend was no exception.

We started off the weekend with brunch at Parish in Inman Park. It’s a great little southern-style spot with plenty of options for little ol’ gluten-free me. Chris is especially fond of their grits, but everything looked amazing. We’d been there for dinner with Dad, which was also awesome, so overall, yay Parish.

Later on Saturday, we had the privilege of seeing our friend and fellow Summer Staffer, Kristina Murray, perform a house concert at our friends, Bryan and Danielle’s place. She’s such an amazing talent, and her bluegrass/folk/country voice blew us all away. Check her out. (I also saw her play at Eddie’s Attic on Monday night for Songwriters Open Mic Night…there are some amazing talents in Atlanta.)

Then Sunday was Easter, of course. I had a great day spending time with my family! Mom came down to my neck of the woods (a HUGE feat for her), and we had lunch in Decatur at Farm Burger. I can’t say enough good things. Farm Burger depends on local farmers for all of their ingredients, and pride themselves on being sustainable and humane in every way. All of their beef is grass-fed, AND they have fresh gluten-free buns. Best part: it was really freaking good. Mom got her fresh jalapenos and a Diet Coke, so everyone was happy.

My brother and I went to Dad’s later on Sunday for Easter Dinner. He made quite the spread! We had ham, carrots, mixed veggies, brussel sprouts, baked beans, cheese grits, and potato salad (although I didn’t partake in that). Everything was super good, and I don’t think anyone missed the gluten that is traditionally involved in an Easter Dinner.

Easter got me thinking about other holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, where a big meal is involved. Like most southern families, mine usually cooks endless amounts of side items and desserts loaded with gluten.

 I’m hear to say, YES it was really hard for me this past holiday season, as it was my first gluten-free holiday season. I missed out on the pies, cakes, rolls, etc. It was really, really hard because those are the best parts! BUT, like our Easter Dinner, we made-do, and my family was more than accommodating. I’d say it ended up being better for all of us, because we ate a lot more vegetables, not so many carbs, and hopefully a lot less fat. I don’t think anyone noticed what we were missing.

So yes, the holidays were maybe some of the hardest times to be and gluten-free. In the grand scheme of things, I miss every day staples like beer and pizza much more. Being gluten-free is a lifestyle change, and that means there’s no cheating.

There are plenty of great blogs out there that offer recipes for alternative ways of making holiday staples like stuffing, pies, or rolls, and that’s great. This blog is about being a cop-out non-gluten eater, so with that being said, we took the easy way out and kept it simple. Even vegetables can be really really good.

Happy Holidays!

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